A beautiful, slightly nervous, and visibly naive small-town girl, Prema, reluctantly arrives in Kathmandu. Despite landing a job at the Bank in the city and having pleasant people like her cousin and a little niece around, Prema’s attention gets fixated on Aakash. Prema’s initial meeting with Aakash, the son of a joyous music shop owner, was uncomfortable. However, upon discovering Aakash’s kind-hearted persona, she bonds well with him. Their romance begins to sparkle. As Prema and Aakash’s relationship strengthens and their romance blooms, Niharika enters their life. And misunderstandings start to occur. Niharika is on a different social spectrum than Prema. Unlike Prema, Niharika is a big-city girl and a daughter of a wealthy father. Aakash and Niharika start to grow close. What will happen to Prema? Who is the mysterious Niharika? Is Aakash still in love with Prema? Along with the answer to these questions, the film Prema also examines the theme of love and the nature of the word “perspective.”

  • Director :  Govinda Sing Bhandari
  • Cast :  Arun Chhetri,Shristi Shrestha,Subeksha Khadka
  • Release On :  March 31, 2023
  • Duration :  2 hours